An emerald can become your legacy passed from one generation to another. Start a new tradition by investing in a real and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Passion is one of the engines igniting any human act. Without passion there would never be as many useful things as nowadays. Passionate people are capable of living the time they were given to the fullest. An emerald is just like that, a symbol of passion. If you want to express your passion for someone else, you do the simplest thing, give him or her an emerald.


Unique people love originality. It’s a symbol of their philosophy of life. And if you want that philosophy to be impersonated in a jewel, there’s nothing better than an emerald itself. Every stone is original. The variation of emerald’s colors, inclusions, glow and clarity assures you that it’s impossible to find two identical stones. Every piece holds a bit of history of the Earth and each of them depicts it slightly differently. Self-assured people are those wearing emeralds with dignity.


Emeralds are a value which will last for centuries. There’s a lack of good quality emeralds because our planet allows us to get only a bit of them. And what do people desire the most? They desire rare exquisite things or hardly available ones. Emeralds aren’t a common gem. It’s a symbol. Emerald is symbol of bravery, passion and uniqueness. And it can define one’s character.

It took us several years to get to the source. And after that we were building our trust for each other. Now we are where we wanted to be fifteen years ago. We became equal partners. And we are in a direct contact with the owners of emerald mines. That wasn’t easy because we had to prove to them our passion for emeralds and we had to do so maybe a thousand times. We were digging in the Cordilleras. We’ve learnt how to differentiate between good and bad gems and we fell in love with all of nature’s anomalies that are pretty common in the world of emeralds. We also proved that we could face tricksters with pride. And we started to value simple people who were working with emeralds on a daily basis. We make no compromises when selecting our gems and we play fair even if our deals are made by just a handshake. We want to be surrounded by our emeralds for the rest of our lives.

But our activity doesn’t end with selling you a jewel. We are very much interested in what happens with the stones after they’re sold, which jewelry maker works with them, who wears them, how people like the gem they’ve picked and who wants the emerald purely for investment purposes. We would love to create a huge community of emerald lovers because we understand their UNIQUENESS. With us you will find a PASSION for emeralds and will get to know their real VALUE.

What do we offer:

We are oriented towards emeralds with verifiable QUALITY. Columbian emeralds are the world’s top quality emeralds due to the geographical conditions of their genesis. Egyptians, Incas, already mined emeralds and all great emperors of the world had PASSION for these jewels. We sell these top-quality carved emeralds to jewelry makers as well as investors or end customers. We can even help our end customers to pick the right gem and jewelry maker we work with and hence we are assured that they understand emeralds well. That’s the only way how our customers can get UNIQUE handmade jewelry according to his own wishes.

What not to expect:

Internet sale

We want to meet you and tell you about this remarkable emerald history. We want you to get to know us and to get familiar with our experience with emeralds. We want to become your partners not only as businessmen but for your further investments and utilization of emeralds as well.

Empty promises

If you’re willing to invest in emeralds you must understand where their VALUE stands. You can spend millions on stones but you have to know in which gems exactly and why. WE can help you with that too. We can also arrange the best prices right from the emerald mines owners.

Psychological bluff

We don’t want you to buy anything under pressure like: “If you don’t buy it now, tomorrow will be too late already.” Yes, there’s only a few really high-quality emeralds left and their price is still growing but in comparison to other valuable commodities their price isn’t artificially affected by divergences of the market created by bankers and speculators. Their price grows constantly according to the growing demand of rare high-quality emeralds. Even in this case we can buy them thanks to our close connections to the source. We want you to have a real relationship with the jewels you are willing buy. Only then will your decision be much easier and, mainly because you will be looking forward to your stone. Yes, we will ignite a PASSION in you.

Columbian emeralds represent an ideal investment opportunity thanks to the demand for them and dwindling available sources. To consider an investment into emeralds you have to understand their uniqueness and quality.

There aren’t two emeralds in the world that would be similar by any means. Each has its own inclusions, admixtures and blemishes. The fact is that there’s no emerald which wouldn’t have any imperfections and if there would be, we might call it a miracle. But it is these specific imperfections that make each stone a unique one. On the top of the quality ladder lays the Columbian emerald. These gems are mined in the Boyacá province and real experts on emeralds can even locate a specific mine where each stone comes from. Emeralds from Boyacá are dark but clear and can play magical light games.

The quality and price of emeralds is defined by more factors that the 4C diamond scale has. There are eight parameters to be observed while defining the price of each stone and the history development proves this system to be right as the defined price is growing throughout time. Emeralds sold during auctions in Christie’s and Sotheby’s with prices breaking all the world records are an evidence of this fact.

We buy investment gems right from the mine owners. This means we provide the lowest prices available. During our meeting we will precisely describe to you how we do our purchases and you will know exactly how much the emerald itself costs and how much is our provision for completing the trade. The value of the gem represented by its purchase price we guarantee even for the future. šperky

Splendid emeralds require the special care of a jewelry making master who can really make them stand out. Such a jewelry maker is capable of picking the best style and design for a UNIQUE gem. As a result there will be a client looking forward to his jewelry piece of the highest VALUE he can keep for centuries.

Therefore it’s not an exaggeration to say that such a jewel is meant to be kept for generations. A top quality custom made emerald jewel will become a heritage jewel that nobody but you will own in the whole universe, and your descendants will get passionate about it too.

There’s not many jewel makers that really know how to deal with emeralds. That’s why we are cooperating with those that have proven to us in the last few years that they really understand emeralds because we’ve ordered jewelry from them for the most demanding clientele.

It doesn’t matter if you pick modern or a classic design as all of our emerald jewels are handmade with an extra focus on the finest treatment and durability guarantee.

Every human being is remarkable and so are emeralds. That means that the jewel as well as the gem has to match this idea of uniqueness. We will help you to pick your future gem and jewel design so that it fits your personality and respects the soul of the emerald as much as possible.

A jewelry catalogue is being prepared.

If you are seriously interested in emeralds and mining we can take you to places where everything important happens, including mines and the Emerald Trade Center. Down in the mines you will learn about all the aspects of emerald mining and in the Trade Center you will get to see the most beautiful carved gems and the art of Columbian jewel makers. We will take you to the place where emeralds are being traded and will help you to buy them right on the spot. We will awake a real PASSION for these exquisite precious stones.

RNDr. Juraj Liška
Managing Director

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+420 724 140 151


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Czech Republic

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Když pomyslím na šperk, vždy vidím smaragd – nejkrásnější drahokam.
– Salvator Dali, malíř

Ty nejdražší smaragdy nejsou ze skály, ale z masa.
– Robert Ludlum, spisovatel

Dejte mi písně ke zpěvu a smaragdové sny, které bych si mohl nechat zdát a já vám na oplátku dám svou nezměrnou lásku.
– Jim Morrison, zpěvák

Připomíná to kus nefritu. Světlo smaragdu, které z něj vychází, se láme a rozptyluje v závislosti na tom, kolik nečistot mu propůjčilo jeho kvality.
– Thomas D‘Evelyn, publicista

Na světě jsou jen dva druhy lidí. Lány obilí a smaragdy mezi nimi.
– Edna Ferber, spisovatelka

Láska je jako smaragd. Zářivé světlo obojího zahání draky na této zrádné cestě.
– Rumi, básník

Smaragd v sobě nese zeleň luk a některé aspekty oceánu.
– Charles Blanc, Art in Ornament and Dress (1875), umělecký kritik

Má povahu smaragdu – ten má také mnoho tváří a barev.
– Melika Dannese Lux, Corcitura, spisovatelka

Zásnubní prsten je smaragdový a tlumené světlo linoucí se oknem se na něm láme v zelenou i bílou. Stříbrné prsteny se musí čistit. Musí se nosit a já přesně vím, která dívka by se jimi měla pyšnit.
– Audrey Niffenegger, spisovatelka

„Smaragdy,“ řekl zajíc, „jsou krásným dárkem.“
– Maurice Sendak, spisovatel a ilustrátor

Svět překypuje smaragdy, šalvějí a svůdnými bylinnými likéry – neonovými zeleněmi se spoustou žluti. Jsou tak třaskavé, že kdybychom je sledovali každý moment dne, svět by narostl do jiných dimenzí.
– Amy Seidl, spisovatelka

Západ slunce budeme sledovat ještě mnohokrát a třeba uvidíme padat smaragd, zelený záblesk, který přináší štěstí.
– Jean (pseudonym) – Ellen Gwendolen Rees Williams Rhys, spisovatelka

A unique emerald set

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ČT – Sama Doma
11. říjen 2023 – 54 minuta

Bylo mi ctí přijmout pozvání České televize do pořadu Sama doma a mluvit o “zeleném mystériu”. Speciální host RNDr. Juraj Liška, investor, majitel společnosti Greenshine Mystery.

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Honba za smaragdy

Když se posadíte proti mladému muži, jehož čelo protíná velká jizva, jen ztěží uvěříte tomu, že smaragdový byznys je prost veškerého násilí. Zvláště když se setkání koná ve stejné době,  kdy v pánském magazínu … kniha

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